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The company was formed in the year of 1992 as TEX Express. TEX Express provides delivery service in a limited destination. Within a span of 10 years on ward by its business & service, it has extended its delivery networks across the Bangladesh, it has then re-renamed as TEX Express. Now the TEX Express has been operating through the nation with excellent professionalism. We have understood the customer needs & expectation from their own unique requirements. In the order to foster these needs & expectations, we have started our INTERNATIONAL COURIER operations with the association of the world leading express companies like DHL, FEDEX, TNT, ARAMEX, OCS, DPEX, First-Flight etc. from Bangladesh to all global destinations via DUBAI, SINGAPORE & HONG KONG as an INTEGRATOR. We use our experienced professional and they are always on the move to deliver in the nick of time.

Our Mission

Service with ZERO defects.

The long range vision of TEX International is to become one of the APIC Company in the regional Express Industry. We aim to develop a seamless quality of service & standard across the country. We provide a comfortable operation procedure, affordable rates, service driven, modernized facilities to ensure customer’s satisfaction at all levels.

All our offices across the country are staffed by highly dedicated, strongly committed and well trained professionals to ensure the best possible attention to ops & customer service in our premises

- We deliver exceptional results -


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Delivery Within 3 Working Days

Experience swift and reliable deliveries with our expedited air shipping service! Enjoy the convenience of receiving your package within just 3 working days. Trust us to prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring your items reach their destination promptly. Our air delivery service guarantees a seamless and secure transportation process, so you can have peace of mind knowing your parcels will arrive on time. Say goodbye to long waiting periods and embrace the convenience of our fast-track shipping. Choose us for a timely, hassle-free delivery experience, and let your expectations soar as high as our efficient air transport service!

Delivery Within 7 Working Days


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Embark on a journey of timely deliveries with our air shipping service, promising swift arrivals within just 7 working days! Elevate your shipping experience with the perfect blend of speed and reliability. Our air delivery ensures your packages reach their destination promptly, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction. Trust us to streamline your shipping needs, guaranteeing a secure and hassle-free transit. Bid farewell to prolonged waiting times and embrace the convenience of our expedited air service. Choose us for a reliable and efficient delivery experience, where every package is handled with care to meet your expectations within a week!

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